Monday, March 5, 2012

NAHBS 2012 - Best of the Rest (Part 1)

(Note:  I am a roadie at heart, so I apologize in advance to the MTB / cross bike / city bike / tourer / etc.. lovers out there for the lack of pictures).

Alchemy Bicycles (Austin, TX based builder) and their carbon fiber aero road bike:

Bishop Bikes (out of Baltimore, MD):

Blacksheep Bikes (out of Fort Collins, CO) - the first one, folks, is a 36er.

Boo Bicycles (also out of Fort Collins, CO) and their bamboo - carbon fiber bikes; love the bamboo headset spacer on there:

Caletti Cycles out of Santa Cruz, CA; the first (blue) one is an all purpose steel frame/fork combo built to take large tires for the occasional dirt road excursion:

Calfee Design out La Selva Beach, CA and their Dragonfly Pro with custom internal Ultegra Di2 package:

A rare EE crankset sighting (I was told they are good friends with the owner); they also had their brakes on this bike:

And the trick seatpost with a Di2 battery hidden inside (note the charging port right above the decal):

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